Sunday, July 29, 2012

summer garden cooking

        We went tomato crazy when we bought the plants for our garden. I love cherry tomatoes, and eat them like popcorn so at the time it seemed like a good idea, but now my vegetable drawer in my fridge is full of tomatoes. And I hate to waste veggies and let them go bad, so I've been making salsas and a lot of gluten-free pasta with chunky tomato sauce.
        Here is my cherry tomato chicken pasta, I added a little basil paste, pepper flakes, chopped spinach along with some diced tomatoes and the usual salt, pepper and garlic powder seasonings to the sauce. It was very good and very well received.
        Another chicken pasta I made with rigatoni noodles, basil, lemon and chopped spinach & of course our home-grown cherry tomatoes.
        A little bit of shredded Almond Mozzarella style cheese add that creamy delicious touch.

       I like to use a bag of frozen chopped spinach, it's so easy and it's the extra bit of veggies that make you feel less guilty about having a little, (or a lot) of pasta.

        The gluten-free pasta I've been using is Sam Mills corn pasta. It takes longer to cook than regular pasta but once you add the sauce and protein, I can't taste a difference. 

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